Who are we? We are the husband and wife business powerhouse behind C Walters Solutions and Bots Get Leads. We are Chris and Carrie Walters- Both Former Chefs and Restaurant Executives turned Business Process Consultants. Here is the story of what has gone down around here…. Carrie got her start in digital entrepreneurship in 2017, walking away from her high-pressure Executive Chef job. Learning once and for all that she was truly “Unemployable”- she dove in head first to automated messenger marketing. Over the course of 2 and a half years, she worked through Starting, running and trading off an Agency as well as many Joint Venture projects to give her the skills and experience to create and maintain the systems you have seen today. While Carrie was cranking on the business at home, Chris was making it all possible working LOOOOONG hard days as a specialized truck driver, as the physical demand and low pay of Chef Life was long behind him. Through lots of long nights, many sacrifices, some downsizing and a whole lot of creative thinking, C Walters Solutions and then Bots Get Leads were formed Summer of 2019. Now, Chris and Carrie work together daily serving clients, designing processes, automating services and digging to the root of core business issues with the goal of making the solutions as accessible as possible.  

Our Business

We do business differently. We are never here to push you or sell you anything. We are here to share with you the systems we use to achieve powerful results on behalf of our clients. We are committed to a people-first brand, always focused on the good found in completely consensual marketing. We want to share your message with the perfect potential clients, and identify them early on in the process. We will always be transparent with our data gathering and movement and respect yours and your clients’ privacy immeasurably. We know this to be the recipe for RAVING fans and Customers, and our goal for you as our client: clear and open conversations + the information that they want at their convenience + the format that they prefer = the most raving and loyal customers and fans.  

What We Do

We design and implement complete marketing systems that focus on engaging your audience at a very high rate. We help our clients automate marketing functions and processes, giving them back more of their precious minutes! ( link to samples of bots) 

How We Get It Done

If marketing is a dance, and we are using some fancy footwork! We use Facebook Messenger Bots, Lead Pages, EMail Platforms, Design Programs, Paid and Organic Traffic, and good old fashioned work. We begin every partnership by immersing ourselves in the culture and existing voice of the brand. Then, we get to work!

Why We Do This 

We want to make powerful, top-level business marketing technology accessible at every level of business operation. We know that being of service and impact to small businesses can change their trajectory. We want to see more business owners spending their time doing what they love, not what they have to do to keep their doors open.

We Are Smart

The days of one action- one client are long gone. We know that automation is the key to business success, even at the smallest levels--- ESPECIALLY at the biggest ones. We want to bring our brainy business solutions to you, allowing you to feel confident that your marketing machine is always working for you!  

We Are Concise

We operate our side of things with your bottom line in mind! By using templates and duplicatable system pieces, we are able to serve more clients with less staff! We also did away with the stuffy office in favor of serving our clients from wherever we might be that day!

We Are Expeditious

We know that by the time you have decided how to approach your current marketing problem, you are WAY ready to get started to start seeing some results! With our unique approach to using the right tool for the job in the right sequence, we are able to eliminate wasted time and resources. We pride ourselves in completing and fulfilling powerful, thoughtful, CORRECT and CONCISE systems Within 7 business Days.