Tired of waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Week deals to roll around each year? What if I told you I can get you the same amazing prices for your practice’s dental supply needs all year long?  

  I regularly save anywhere from a few pennies to over 94% off the retail price of practically everything I buy on GDA Plus+ Supplies by using this one savings hack!  


I buy direct brand products!

But what is a direct brand product? Direct brand merchandise are products sold direct to you from the manufacturer rather than through a distributer.  

Why should I try them? Direct manufacturer brands provide a broader array of product options, varieties and models to fit your budget and your needs. Many of the products are the same quality and often have the same specifications as the brand names you’re used to. The only difference is that they’ve cut out the middleman which means that you reap the benefit of enjoying the same merchandise without the distributer mark-up. This is what allows the item to be sold at a lower price.  

GDA Supplies Direct Brand Comparison Savings

How do I find these products?  

It’s so much easier than you think. In fact, you’ve probably been finding them all along and didn’t even realize it. Every time you’ve searched a product category, they’ve been there - hidden in plain sight.  

There are multiple ways of finding direct brand products, but I know you want to drill down and find the best deals the easiest way possible so here are my top three strategies for discovering the untapped savings potential of direct brand products.


If you enjoy human interaction and want to invest as little efffort in as possible, then I suggest you give GDA Plus+ Supplies a call. They will help you find exactly what you’re looking for by comparing prices and specifications for you. They’ll even load them on your account under your “My List” section so you can just add them to your cart whenever you’re ready.



 If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming the next Sherlock Holmes and a little investigative work doesn’t scare you away go to the GDAPlus.com/directbrands website to view the list of direct brands with links to their products and choose from the list.


Don’t want to deal with a phone call or embark on a journey down the rabbit hole of research and comparison?  

Here’s the quick and easy method. Search for your item on GDASupplies.com and sort the list by price from low to high. Most often, the direct brand will be listed first.